About tapwood carving

Hello. My name is Tiffany.

I'm a custom woodcarver. I design with you then I carve to order. I'll carve whatever you like, but I specialize in tap handles.

Sound good?

view my portfolio. Then let me make you something


Love my work but not ready to commit? Consider donating to support my business.

A $20 donation results in a personalized hardwood keychain!

Tools and timelines

I carve by hand using knives and gouges. My trusty employees are a 9" band saw, a 4X36 belt sander, and a drill press. A typical time line for my work is between 1 and 3 months from finalized design to delivery.


My pricing is based on:

an hourly rate: The number of hours I spend on any piece depends on the design, the preferred wood, the level of detail, and the desired finish.

materials/tool maintenance: covers the cost of things like sandpaper, epoxy, the hardware used on your piece, breathing mask filters, etc., as well as the time spent maintaining the state of my tools.  

Wood and wood selection

I've worked in ash, basswood, butternut, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak (red), orange osage, pine, sycamore, tamarind, and others. Wood selection for any given project is greatly informed by the design we create together. The other way around holds true as well; the wood you want used (and the price you want to pay) will place limitations on the design we create together. 


We design together and then I carve just for you. I don't keep inventory. Your piece is absolutely one of a kind - even if I make you two. 


50% deposit required before work starts. I accept cash, checks (payable to Tiffany Purnell), and Paypal (tapwoodcarving@gmail.com)

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